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The Experience

I will help you create a vision for your business that will be like having an insurance policy that helps your business to gain momentum and maximize profits – even if yours is being disrupted!


And, to help you advance your business vision, and improve the odds of your success, your vision can also include my personal A Team contacts.  As an activator myself I know how to gets things done – and that means that having the right “who” is key!

For example, perhaps you realize that your business can't succeed without optimizing your health - I have a team of experts who can help make that happen.


Or, are financial concerns keeping you up at night? Let’s boost your profitability with the right number crunching experts!


Do you need your business to align with your purpose and your personal why?  My dream team contacts can help you breakthrough to better clarity!


Would you like to have a team around you that knows exactly what your business is working to achieve, and is fully engaged with that vision and helping to make it happen?

I’m skilled at asking meaningful and thought-provoking questions that will help draw out exactly what you want to achieve.

​​Your vision will be something you will be incredibly proud of, and you will want to post it where you can look at it every day, share it with others, and talk about whenever you get the chance. The more people who engage with it, the easier it will get to bring it to life.  As the saying goes "many hands make light work".

The process will involve a one on one 4-hour session with me to create your vision.  We will work from a creative space – the patio at my cottage at Conestoga Lake during the summer months, or the warmth of my office in Waterloo with a fireplace and a hot beverage of choice. 


At the outset of the session, we will get your brain from “overdrive and anxious” to “calm and focussed” so that you can get the very best results from our time together. 


After our session, I will create your Ride the Waves vision, customized to your company and incorporating your existing branding, logos, and core values.  If you don’t have these elements, don't worry, we can help! You'll be able to post it in your office, share it with your team, your clients, and anyone else you plan to do business with.   

And my Help doesn't stop there!  I want to celebrate your success with you.  Every quarter we will be in contact to help you stay on track with you vision.  You can Expect to keep growing and learning from my massive inventory of tools and resources to help you succeed.  

Let's do this!

An Inspiring Place

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