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"One of My Best Strategies for Raving Fan Clients in My Family Business"

Last night I was chatting with my spouse preneur Douglas about how some of our client relationship strategies in our insurance business were a little “old school”.

One in particular was our new client welcome packages. For every new client we welcomed to our family insurance brokerage, we took the time and incurred the costs of sending out hand written thank you notes and letters to every new client in our insurance brokerage. These were often accompanied with books and other goodies.

I continue this practice today with my consulting clients – just this morning I wrote some cards to mail along with a copy of a book in which I’m a co-author.

Despite the cost of the mail and the time to hand write cards and letters, when I look back on the success we had with long term client relationships, I know it was worth the effort.

How about you? Do you have a favorite way to onboard new clients in your family business?

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