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"Legacy in Family Business"

A couple of weeks ago, my Dad, Dennis Mumby, the founder of our family insurance brokerage Mumby Insurance Brokers passed away.

As I grieve my Dad, I find myself often reflecting on how we worked together in our tiny home office, about 5 feet apart, starting when I was 13 and had taken typing class in high school. Dad immediately saw the opportunity to leverage my keyboarding skills so that he could spend more time with his clients, whether on the phone or in person.

He absolutely loved chatting with his clients, learning about their challenges, and making recommendations.

I figure I spent well over 10,000 hours working side by side with Dad over the years, much of that time listening to him on the phone with clients.

And, there were the family dinner time stories when Dad would recount some of his conversations of the day, often with humour but more often with a message around helping clients to make the right decisions, answer their questions, or guide them through the claims process. As a deeply spiritual man, serving others was always top of mind.

I was so inspired by his stories and values, one day I boldly stated to him “Dad, you are sitting on a gold mine of opportunity! Let’s grow this business!”.

I went on to finish my University degree concurrently with obtaining my insurance broker license so that I too could speak with clients and guide them in their insurance decisions.

With my Vision of growth for the business, I would consistently convince my Dad to invest in new ways to expand our business, whether through new software, additional team members, or office space outside of our home. While he was often initially hesitant to do so, more often than not, I was able to eventually win him over.

While we had some differences over the years, one area in which Dad and I always agreed was our core value of working for our clients best interests. When he sold the business to me, he said “Take care of clients and the business will always succeed.”

From reading the feedback and messages I have received over the last couple of weeks, I am comforted to know that this value was brought to life in Dad’s work, whether with clients, employees, or other business contacts;

”God bless Dennis; I met him in the 1970s, and have stayed with him and his company ( and Anthea and Douglas) since then. A friendly smile, a twinkle in his eye, and an all around good man. He was a kind and generous person. Rest In Peace, Dennis.”

“It was always such a pleasure working with Dennis.”

“He was a great guy to be around. I loved his sense of humour.”

“I remember when he came into the office and would tell us great stories. “

I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with my Dad to create a bigger Vision, and bring it to life.

While the chapter of the Mumby Insurance book will is closing, , in my new business endeavours I remain committed to being a values based business owner. The kind of owner who collaborates with my clients, by listening to and understanding them, just as my Father did.

For me, as a business owner, this is the most important legacy left by my Father.

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