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"How Hiring a Concierge Service Helped Me to Create More Freedom of Time in My Family Business"

Just over a year ago was a very intense time in my business; I was in the process of selling my insurance business (a massive project which required many additional hours on top of my existing responsibilities as a business owner), renovating my home office and getting ready to launch a new business. Reflecting on that period in my life now, I realize this was one of my most stressful times I have ever experienced. While I was definitely making progress towards my Vision, there were a lot more moving parts and complexities to get there than I had realized at the outset.

Thankfully, I did what I often advise my clients to do – taking a “thinking break” to consider how I could give myself some more space in my calendar which would alleviate some pressure and give me some much needed freedom of time.

I gave myself a pep talk, reminding myself how valuable it is to pay others to take care of things in my life so I can focus more on whats important – health, relationships, and income generating activities that only I can do.

I suggested to my spouse that we consider hiring a concierge service, and interestingly, not long after, he attended a networking event, where he met Maggie from Top Notch Concierge. Well, as the saying goes “Ask and ye shall receive!” I knew it was a sign to take action and hire Maggie and her partner Rick.

As I started to delegate tasks to them, I became incredibly appreciative of how much time Rick and Maggie were saving me. Ultimately, the fees I paid them were a small investment in my sanity and overall well being.

And, I realized I stood in good company in making this decision. My business coach Irina Mihaela uses a Concierge service, and in his book “Shift Your Family Business”, Steve Legler mentions this as being a common practice for family business owners.

A few months later, I interviewed Rick and Maggie in my Facebook Group for the Family Business Mastermind Group (

Reflecting back on the positive impact they made for me, and because I want to help more family business owners who are seeking more freedom in their schedules, I’ve decided to share the link to my interview with Rick and Maggie. You can find it here -

I highly recommend Top Notch Concierge. You’ll find them here -

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