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Dream Team's Vision

A big part of my business is about Vision – helping my clients clarify theirs, and then share it with others so they can get the help they need to achieve it.

I often refer to Vision as the “Lighthouse” for a business. It’s our destination, what keeps us motivated, and how we keep going even when times are rough.

I find as a consultant sometimes I need to remember to take my own advice. I had an AHA moment recently and realized not everyone reading my posts and newsletter might be aware of the Vision I have for Dream Team Consulting.

So, here is my Vision.

Dream Team’s Vision

Dream Team Consulting exists to help family owned businesses to increase prosperity, freedom, and harmony. Our clients are established family owned businesses with long term clients who typically employ 3 to 10 team members.

In working with Anthea and her Dream Team, clients experience new levels of prosperity (money, time, relationships) as their purpose driven businesses positively impact the world.

Our Dream Team partners are collaborative, successful and growth minded business owners who are family owned businesses or have worked with family owned businesses.

We love to bring our clients together for inspiring and creative experiences that they cherish as one of their biggest business successes.

We operate both digitally and in person from various locations through Canada, servicing clients across North America.

Our revenues allow us to provide experiences and our wisdom to help others, both for profit and non profit.

Together, we help our clients to Ride the Waves of business ownership successfully.

Dream Team’s Values

We are committed to our values;

Collaboration; by listening, sharing experiences, and always assuming a positive intent in our communication, we create something better than any one of us would on our own

Connection; we know how lonely it can feel as a business owner at times. Meaningful connections buoy us all up!

Creativity; business is about constantly improving and maximizing opportunities. It’s a wonderful outlet for creative endeavours.

Confidence; when we help a client or a Dream Team partner to gain more confidence to succeed in business, we know we are aligned with our purpose

Courage; sticking to the Vision we have for our business takes courage. No matter what others may say; we keep moving towards our Lighthouse.

Want to hop onboard with me and talk about Vision? You can schedule a quick chat with me at

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