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"Are You Looking for More Collaborations This Year?"

I recently read Dan Sullivan’s latest book, Collaboration Ground Rules. Sullivan produces a new book every quarter, which is pretty impressive unto itself. With every new release, I always find some golden nuggets of inspiration, aha moments, and reminders of what being a successful entrepreneur involves.

This latest book really hit home for me, as it’s exactly what I am co-creating with my Dream Team -

When I envisioned the experience of the business owners involved with Dream Team, I pictured us collaborating in order to be a hero to our customers. Sharing similar values with deep commitment to providing value to our clients. Whereas others are competitive and untrusting, we realize there is more than enough opportunity for all of us.

This is exactly what is happening so far. We’ve had our first few meetings of 2022 and the support and sharing has been phenomenal. Guesting on each other’s podcasts, attending events, supporting each other. I can only imagine what the rest of 2022 will bring.

Sullivan references “You suddenly feel 25 years younger, fresher, and more ambitious”. I hadn’t even contemplated this when I created my Vision for Dream Team Consulting – what an amazing additional benefit, especially after the last 2 years.

As 2022 progresses, my intention is to continue to grow our Dream Team and welcome new members.

Interested in joining us?

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