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"Can Family Business Ruin a Family?"

While my parents, and later on my husband and I made a point of never arguing or fighting and always putting our best foot forward in our business, the tension at home was often pretty high.

Disagreements about decisions being made, tension from the latest staffing problem, upset over a client complaint often disrupted our home life and our relationships.

With a lot of trial and error, patience, and learning, the single most effective way I found to avoid ruined family relationships and a successful business is with a common Vision.

The Vision is what gets everyone on the same page, creates accountability, clarifies shared values, and reduces friction.

Including a high level overview of the roles of each family member is valuable in helping each to contribute their unique strengths and staying in their own laneway.

In this video I share few insights about how Vision can reduce stress, especially for family business owners -

Because Vision was such a powerful tool in my own family business , nothing gets me more excited than helping a family business owner clarify their Vision, and to then share it.

If you’d like to connect to chat about yours, you can do so here -

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