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"Are You a Family Business Owner with Big Dreams?"

While a long term successful family owned business typically has many advantages such as recurring revenues, long term clients, and clearly defined processes, the downside is that things can get a little bit routine. Selling the same product year over year, dealing with the same recurring book keeping transactions, completing routine processes can all get pretty stale.

Finding new ways to be inspired in our work is critical. Without bigger dreams, it’s awfully hard to grow a business, and even harder to electrify others to bring the Vision to life!

Some of the best ways I have personally found keep me inspired include Masterminding with other business owners, listening to great podcasts, reading great books, travel, vacations, delicious food, and walking in beautiful locations.

When I’m inspired, my energy soars, my thinking becomes clearer, and I’m able to rally the troops and get help bringing my Vision to life.

How about you? What are some of your favorite ways to get inspired with bigger Dreams?

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