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April 23 2020

2:00pm  - 5:30pm

Courtyard Waterloo, St. Jacobs

50 Benjamin Road East, Waterloo

Investment: $79

"Ride the Waves"

Attention South Western Ontario Female and Family Business Owners!


Who Else Wants to Surf through Business with More Success?

Are you experiencing challenges in your business?  Staffing headaches? Suppliers not delivering what you expect?  Clients who complain about your service?   Financial concerns?  

All of the above?

Friends, I know exactly what that is like.  I have been there, done that, and I am still doing it.

Being a business owner is NOT easy.   

That is why I am so glad to share this Good news today!

When you attend a “Ride the Waves” event, you will have the opportunity to Maximize YOUR Impact as a Business Owner.

You will hear my story of how I ride the waves in my businesses.

You’ll learn from a panel of fellow business owners, who will share their stories, and how they have succeeded

You’ll discover how you can help yourself AND others to navigate through disruption

You get tools you can use to succeed, even in the face of disruption

You will meet fellow business owners who you can rely on to help you Ride the Waves

You will hear about how your business Vision can help you to succeed.

Here is a short video of our last event:


April 23 2020

2:00pm to 5:30pm



Courtyard Waterloo, St Jacobs

50 Benjamin Road East, Waterloo





To sign up today, send your name and your business name to and we will take it from there.

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