Dream Team

Trusted Experts of  Anthea Mumby

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As part of Anthea’s Dream Team, you have a solid understanding of the challenges that family owned businesses are facing.


  • You are eager to help them experience new levels of prosperity (money, time relationships).

  • It frustrates you when you see clients fighting waves and trying to row along by themselves.   As an expert in your field, you are here to help them get to the lighthouse they are rowing towards.

  • You have experience and expertise in helping family owned businesses with long term clients who typically employ 3 to 10 team members.

  • You are currently generating 6 figures or more in your business.

  • You are willing to invest in being part of Dream Team, both time and money.

  • You have a deep concern and care for the challenges family business owners face.  Because you are the owner of your own business, you have likely experienced some of the very same challenges yourself, and come up with solutions. 

  • You have reviewed our core values, and they resonate with you.


Dream Team’s Vision

Dream Team Consulting exists to help family owned businesses to increase prosperity,  freedom, and harmony.   


Our clients become happier and more confident as their purpose driven businesses positively impact the world.    


Our Dream Team partners are collaborative, successful and growth minded business owners. 


We love to bring our clients together for inspiring and creative experiences that they  cherish as one of their biggest business successes.     


Together, we Ride the Waves of business ownership successfully. 

Dream Team’s Values

We are committed to our values;

Collaboration;  by listening, sharing experiences, and always assuming a positive intent in our communication,  we create something better than any one of us would on our own

Connection;  we know how lonely it can feel as a business owner at times.    Meaningful connections buoy us all up!

Creativity;  business is about constantly improving and maximizing opportunities.   It’s a wonderful outlet for creative endeavours.

Confidence;   when we help a client or a Dream Team partner to gain more confidence to succeed in business, we know we are aligned with our purpose

Courage;   sticking to the Vision we have for our business takes courage.    No matter what others may say;  we keep moving towards our Lighthouse.

Here are some of our current Dream Team members:

Business Coaching & Relationships Expert;

Irina Mihaela,  Entrepreneur Enlightenment.  




Hypnosis and Personal Well Being;

Brenda Schrader Sanders, Peacock Transformation



Home Décor;

Michaela Donato, Donato Décor


Human Resources and Leadership Training

Hilda Gan,  People Bright Consulting


 Technology Consultant

Gay Hamilton, Go Innovation