Dream Team


Trusted Experts of Anthea Mumby

I help my clients to create their Vision.    

In order to achieve their Vision,  my clients need experts in various areas.

I help them identify the gaps where they need an expert.  A “who” that can take care of the “how”.


That’s where you come in.

As a knowledge expert in the field of accounting, legal, human resources, digital marketing, coaching, health and wellness or other entrepreneurial skills, you can make a positive impact.

As part of my Dream Team, you will help other business owners, while at the same time increasing your own revenues, scaling your business,  developing your skills, and being part of my inner circle of trusted experts.

Instead of struggling to grow your business, investing your time on low payoff activities and worrying about losing out to competition,  you can achieve freedom of time, more money, and better quality relationships.


To be clear, this is a prestigious group of elite business owners.  It is not open to everyone.

As a Dream Team Member, you will benefit from;

  • Promotion of your services and/or products through various promotions such as Social Media, Events, and more, saving you time and money from other marketing costs

  • Quarterly group collaboration and training session covering business topics of interest to help you improve your entrepreneurial skills and success

  • Personal Introductions that may lead to more opportunities for you and your business

  • Preferred pricing for Vision session with Anthea 

  • An additional source of revenues

I currently have openings available in the following categories;


Money Management

Image by Bill Oxford

Legal Consulting

Cheerful marketing people brainstorming

Marketing Expertise

To learn more,  please contact us here - https://keap.app/contact-us/8454297783092184


Each member of my Dream Team must;

  • Have a deep concern and care for the challenges business owners face.  Because you are the owner of your own business, you have likely experienced some of the very same challenges yourself, and come up with solutions. 

  • Have achieved success in at least one of the following categories: finances, marketing, business development,  customer service, or other entrepreneurial endeavours.  

  • Demonstrate utmost integrity, be an excellent collaborator, and always remain  focussed on providing value.