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Ride the "Waves" Consulting Service

As part of your Dream Team, I will personally help you create a vision for your prestigious business that ensures you gain momentum and maximize results while you Ride the Waves of business ownership with increased confidence, courage, and creativity.

And, I will help you on an ongoing basis  with real tools and actions to help you achieve the Vision for your business.

As an influential activator myself I know how to gets things done - it will be like having your own “Business Maestro”.

Together, your business and I will create a business vision that will use my Maximizing skill set that will Motivate you to keep the Momentum in your business - the triple M outcome!

Step one is a  one  on one session with me to create your vision.    At the outset of the session, we will get your brain from “overdrive and anxious” to “calm and focussed” by utilizing some tools that will help you to get traction.  

Step two I take everything we discuss, and put it into unique visionary document which is visually attractive and compelling.   Your business vision will be something you will be incredibly proud of, and you will want to post it where you can look at it every day, share it with others, and talk about whenever you get the chance.  You can print in on posters, mouse pads,  put it on your monitor, use it as part of your hiring process, and much much more.    (I’ll provide you with a document with how to utilize it effectively). And, when disruption occurs, it will pull you forward through the disruption you are experiencing, giving you peace of mind - just like a good insurance policy!    When you achieve results, you will be able to celebrate!

Step three; To help you advance your business vision, and improve the odds of your success,  we will help determine the “who” to help bring your Vision to life.  Ask an activator myself I know how to gets things done - having the right “who” is key!


For example, perhaps you realize that your business cant succeed without optimizing your health – lets bring in the experts who can help make that happen.


Or, are financial concerns keeping you up at night? Let’s boost your profitability with the right number crunching experts!


Do you need your business to align with your purpose and your personal why? (This is vital!).  I have contacts who can help you breakthrough to better clarity!

Step four; Every quarter, I will check in with you to find out what progress you have made.  Let’s celebrate those wins!  And, if you need encouragement or other tools, I’ll offer them to you!

Other Consulting Services Available:

  • Remembering Why -  When the WHY is clear, the HOW becomes easier.

  • President of Me Incorporated -  know yourself, and manage yourself, to succeed, even through disruption

  • Show me the money!  Let’s find the gold in your business.

  • New client “shock and awe” packages – how to show up like nobody else and eliminate buyers remorse, upsell more, and earn more referrals.

  • Niche down – how to identify a profitable niche for your business so that you can make more money, give more, and have more fun!

  • Marketing Mastery – Map out your plan to ensure consistency, communication, and success.

  • Millionaire’s mindset – how millionaires think and act. 

  • Transform your so-called failures into valuable lessons that serve you instead of scaring you.

  • Raving fan clients – systems and processes to keep ‘em coming back, again and again

  • Get paid what you’re worth!  Raise your prices with confidence and success

  • Terrific Teams - how to manage a profitable team - even if you have to do so remotely!

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