Is Disruption in Business Destroying You?

Being a family business owner is NOT easy...

Have you been doing a good job of taking care of your team but burning out yourself out in the process?

Did you make some business decisions in panic mode which have put you and your business on a downward trajectory?


Has the unkind opinions and judgement from others cause you to lose your mojo?


Is pressure in your business constantly building up?


Have recent world events created a bias towards negativity in your thoughts and actions?

It's hard to keep yourself and your business in momentum when the world seems to be constantly disrupting you.

There is no need for you to Ride the Waves alone any longer.

I can help. I have been there.  Over my decades as a business owner, I faced many disruptions, and ultimately learned how to ride the waves.   Working with me is like having an insurance plan against disruptions.

If you would like to:

  • Successfully manage the disruption you are dealing with

  • Action the most vital priorities to help your business survive and thrive

  • Access a team of experts to help you come to the surface fast

Consider the Ride the Waves Program!

Ride the Waves Program includes:

  • An initial strategy meeting to discuss your business disruption, discuss possible solutions, and the best way to successfully surf through the challenge you are experiencing right now

  • A Ride the Waves workbook for you to complete and use whenever you have a business disruption

  • Customized recommendations for you and your business based on my extensive entrepreneurial experience and over $250,000 investment in learning from some of the best entrepreneurial coaches, thought leaders, and mentors.  

  • 3 business advisory calls to discuss progress, next steps, and actions to take. This is you having a trusted advisor, someone who you can confide in and receive insights and positivity.  In between calls, you can email or text me with updates and questions

  • Create your Vision that will be your guiding post to keep you afloat long term. 

Book your complimentary 30 minute disruption session with me where we will discuss your needs and how I can help.

Leaf Pattern Design

This program will help you if;

  • Your business is currently generating $200,000 to $2,000,000 in annual revenues

  • You’re leading a team of 3 to 30 people

  • You’re open minded, collaborative, and willing to be vulnerable

  • You’re looking for expert skills to help you with managing disruption more effectively


What do others say about working with Anthea?

Hear what Irina Mihaela shared about her session to create her equine foundation for abused children 

Gloria Sheerer of Clearly Spoken says

“At our session where you pulled all that information out of me was definitely exhilarating for me, focussed me. That first step was important and I needed the push in the right direction – verbalizing my vision. I thank you for that. I presented the Vision to my team and they got excited – and that’s exactly what I wanted from them – engagement! Since then, my team has had some very exciting and innovative ways to implement my Vision! It’s a work in progress and I’m very proud of the work they’ve/we’ve done to date. Anthea, you're a rock star! Thanks!”

Sharon Gilmour Glover of Lightcore Consulting Says;

You do way more than create a compelling vision Anthea Mumby. I mean, that is critically important but I feel your real genius is bringing that vision to life, knowing how to use to drive every decision, every day, both strategically and operationally. I have had the tremendous opportunity to see up close how you used your vision to ride the biggest waves you ever had to ride. So impressive! And you never waivered. Ultimately, you achieved your vision. And now you're helping others to learn how too. Talk about paying it forward!

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