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Your Business Vision with Anthea Mumby

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Attention Family Business Owners; Do You Wish You Had More Support?

Everyone assumes that family business owners have lots of support from each other, right? Wrong. There can be a lot of pressure when it comes to the business, and family dynamics can create even more tension.  This in turn creates more obstacles, eroding precious and vital support systems.

You probably have a dream or a vision of your future that others simply don't know about. The fact that no one else is tuned into your future may leave you frustrated, annoyed, and lonely, wondering how you will ever persuade others to help you achieve your dream.

I understand you. In fact, I've been in your shoes too many times. Over more than 40 years, I worked for my parents, and then with my spouse, there were many times I felt that, even though I worked with family members,  I was just not being heard.

I decided to invest my time and money in coaching, masterminding, and networking groups in order to talk about others with my vision.   This also led to more reading and research.    Between countless hours,  hundreds of conversations, and over $200,000 invested,  I discovered how to change my approach and methodology.  

It took a lot of discussion, communication, and focus.

I finally was able to achieve freedom, harmony and profits in my family business.

My guess is that right now, your vision is likely unclear to others.  Even though there are plenty of people who want to help, they don’t know what you are aspiring to.   As a result,  you may have no involvement, no contribution, and no support.

That's exactly why you need a way to share your vision. It's not just about having the right ideas; it's about getting people into the same boat and supporting each other, so that everyone can achieve the same goal: reaching the lighthouse that you’ve designed.

I’ve created a way to do just that.  

Through my Vision process, I offer clarity and inspiration for your family business, guiding you to create more harmony in your family, as well as profit from your business.

Perhaps it’s time for you to work with me, a  powerful visionary owner who has over 40 years experience in working in and owning a successful family business.

If you are a;

  • small to medium-sized family-owned business

  • motivated to inspire and influence others with you vision,

  • have a heart for serving others

  • want to make a positive difference in the world.


Let me help you to create and share your Vision with the world.

The vision process includes;

  1. A workbook to guide you through creating your vision document, where you’ll track your goals, ideas, and insights.

  2. A 2 hour  private session with me over Zoom or phone to create your vision.   I will be asking you questions to help get clarity and direction.

  3. I summarize and distill everything we discuss, and put it into a written document for you.  You can them review, add your comments and preferences.

  4. You will provide your branding and colours, and my team will create a  unique vision Poster which is attractive and compelling.   The goal is that your business vision will be something you will be excited about!

  5. I will provide you with a checklist on how to utilize your Vision effectively.

  6. In order to help you implement, we will have 2 follow up calls of 30 minutes within the first 3 months of creating your Vision

  7. To help you quickly advance your business vision, we will help determine the “who” to help bring your Vision to life.  I may even be able to help you with some of the connections!

  8. Anthea will also promote your business by sharing it with others.

Go ahead and Book your Vision at Get Started on Your Vision Now

Remember, you can either continue to rock the waves or you can choose to ride the waves.  The former will probably involve more difficulty and is not likely to result in your dream being fulfilled.

The latter will very likely result in a more successful business that provides you with freedom, harmony and prosperity.

Learn more about how your business Vision impacts Teamwork, Community, and Success

What do others say about a Vision session with Anthea?

Hear what Irina Mihaela shared about her session to create her equine foundation for abused children 

Gloria Sheerer of Clearly Spoken says

“At our session where you pulled all that information out of me was definitely exhilarating for me, focussed me. That first step was important and I needed the push in the right direction – verbalizing my vision. I thank you for that. I presented the Vision to my team and they got excited – and that’s exactly what I wanted from them – engagement! Since then, my team has had some very exciting and innovative ways to implement my Vision! It’s a work in progress and I’m very proud of the work they’ve/we’ve done to date. Anthea, you're a rock star! Thanks!”

Sharon Gilmour Glover of Lightcore Consulting Says;

You do way more than create a compelling vision Anthea Mumby. I mean, that is critically important but I feel your real genius is bringing that vision to life, knowing how to use to drive every decision, every day, both strategically and operationally. I have had the tremendous opportunity to see up close how you used your vision to ride the biggest waves you ever had to ride. So impressive! And you never waivered. Ultimately, you achieved your vision. And now you're helping others to learn how too. Talk about paying it forward!

Has your Business been disrupted by an unexpected event? I can help. Let’s have a quick 15 minute call. Schedule here

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