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Ride the "Waves" Consulting Service

Right now, we know that massive disruption is taking place, and for many business owners, there is significant negative impact.

For example, 

  • Loss of revenues

  • Uncertainty about the future

  • The emotional toll of laying off staff

  • More stress, less sleep, loss of vitality and direction

If you are a business owner who is struggling at this difficult time, I would love to help you. 

In response to the crisis, I have decided to share my expertise in riding the waves and will be working one on one with a small number of business owners.  This will be a 3 month period to get these businesses over the hump, to relieve the stress, and to stabilize.

These entrepreneurs will be able to leverage my 50,000 hours of entrepreneurial experience, and over $100,000 of education from studying and applying the work of entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins, Dan Sullivan, Sally Hogshead, Cameron Herold, to name just a few.

As a fellow business owner, I am fully committed to providing your moneys worth. 

I have experienced massive disruption as a business owner, and continued on in spite of that disruption to succeed.

I am a walking library of business tools, books, and strategies.

With my no nonsense, fast, and efficient style, you can count on me to bring you safely to shore.   

In short, I’ll be your business floatation device. 

Then, once you are through these waves, you can build your own lifeboat business.

I would love to help you navigate this storm.

Other Consulting Services Available:

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  • Remembering Why -  When the WHY is clear, the HOW becomes easier.

  • President of Me Incorporated -  know yourself, and manage yourself, to succeed, even through disruption

  • Show me the money!  Let’s find the gold in your business.

  • New client “shock and awe” packages – how to show up like nobody else and eliminate buyers remorse, upsell more, and earn more referrals.

  • Niche down – how to identify a profitable niche for your business so that you can make more money, give more, and have more fun!

  • Marketing Mastery – Map out your plan to ensure consistency, communication, and success.

  • Millionaire’s mindset – how millionaires think and act.   You can be one too! 

  • Transform your so-called failures into valuable lessons that serve you instead of scaring you.

  • Raving fan clients – systems and processes to keep ‘em coming back, again and again

  • Get paid what you’re worth!  Raise your prices with confidence and success

  • Terrific Teams - how to manage a profitable team - even if you have to do so remotely!

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