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Co-create your Powerful Picture with Anthea Mumby,  
a Workshop for Confidence as an Entrepreneurial Couple

As an entrepreneurial couple,   do you  struggle with dividing responsibilities? Boundaries between your work and home life?  Decision-making power? Disagreements over the direction of your business? 

You’re not alone.  

Research shows that all entrepreneurial couples will be challenged in at least one of these areas over the lifespan of their business.

Left unresolved, these difficulties can cause strain on your relationship,  stall  the growth of your business,  and have you working way too hard.  

It’s no surprise when couples in business report that their bond has weakened over time,  that their  business growth is lacklustre,  and they are burning out.


I’m now sharing my  number one strategy for elevating couple owned businesses.  It’s based on my 25 years (and counting)  experience of owning an award winning 7 figure business with my spouse.


With a co created powerful picture, you can start to;

  • protect boundaries between work and home

  • minimize power struggles

  • clarify working roles and key contribution areas as your business expands

  • improve decision making

  • set the future direction of your business

  • generate more support and buy in from employees, partners, and customers


When you and your partner  co-create a powerful picture of the future you want to create, you have the confidence to elevate your business to new heights.  

Your powerful picture serves as a guiding principle that helps you to make strategic decisions, set priorities, and align your actions with your goals. 

It will help you to hire the right team members, and inspire and motivate them to work together towards a common purpose. 

It can help your business to stand out in the marketplace and attract customers and partners who share the same values and aspirations. 

And, it  can also help your business anticipate and adapt to changes in the industry and market conditions, and pursue growth and innovation opportunities.

Why procrastinate when you can get momentum,  start to build your future with more purpose,  and get thinking about how you’re going to celebrate your success?


In my exclusive  Workshop, Co-Create your Powerful Picture as an Entrepreneurial Couple, I  help you to access the clarity and confidence  you and your business need to work cohesively to support the growth of your business AND strengthen your life partnership. 


Here’s What’s Included;   

  • Your Powerful Picture workbook

  • Your  Private Powerful Picture day with Anthea

  • Your Executive Summary from Anthea outlining key takeaways and insights 

  • Your Implementation checklist to help you with the next steps


Your investment;  $3,000 plus HST     

What Top Notch Concierge said about working with Anthea

Hear Anthea talk about "The Importance of Vision

for Entrepreneurial Couples" in this podcast 

with Wendy Brookhouse of Blackstar Wealth

To learn more or get started,

Book a call with Anthea  




















Frequently asked questions;

Can you show us an example of a Powerful Picture?

Gladly! Here’s mine -
As you can see, it’s a few paragraphs and includes our core values. Yours may be a bit shorter, or a couple of pages, but the key is that it’s unique to you.

Can this help us with recruiting and managing our team members effectively?
Yes, in fact, that’s a big part of the why for sharing your Vision with others. I expand more in this LinkedIn post, giving an example of how my spouse and I competed with much larger companies by effectively using our Vision. As w
e craft your Vision, I’ll be sharing more with you about how to do so effectively, assuming of course that this is important to you. My first Vision client, Gloria Scheerer of Clearly Spoken shared that

"I presented the Vision to my team and they got excited – and that’s exactly what I wanted from them – engagement! Since then, my team has had some very exciting and innovative ways to implement my Vision! It’s a work in progress and I’m very proud of the work they’ve/we’ve done to date. Anthea, you're a rock star! Thanks!”

How can our Powerful Picture help us with some of the intense pressure of taking care of our employees, clients, and business? Especially when it all feels like just too much and our mental health starts to suffer?

This subject is very close to my heart. It reminds me of my own experience of burning out, dealing with anxiety, and feeling like it was myself and my husband stuck in our own little fishbowl with no way out. When you have a Powerful Picture that you share and get support with, it takes so much of the pressure off. It’s a known fact that entrepreneurs have a higher than average rate for burnout, anxiety, and depression. In my experience, community can make a very big positive impact on these statistics.
Sharing your Painted Picture with others is an excellent tool for getting support and releasing the entrepreneurial pressure valve. And of course I will always be sending good vibes your way because I only work with businesses I believe in.

Isn’t this something we can just do on our own?
Yes and no. You may be able to take a few hours, chat about your future, and get a better sense of
your future together.
The advantage of having me facilitate the building and the crafting of your Powerful Picture is you gain a 
different perspective. I’ll likely ask you questions you have never been asked before, and will have insights that you aren’t seeing. And, it gets you on track with the success habit of letting outsiders make a contribution to you Picture - bye bye lonely overworked entrepreneurial couple, hello elevated dynamic duo!

This seems like it may take a lot of time – we are already way too busy for our own good.
I get it, AND I also know that taking a mere day and a half to create something powerful, exciting and compelling for your future life is going to give you so much time back. Your decisions will become easier, meetings more effective, and you will significantly reduce time wasters when everyone is rowing in the same direction.

Anthea, you are a fairly new consultant. Make us feel better about why we should hire you.
So glad you asked! I am never shy about sharing my story with others, so I think you will find it worthwhile reviewing my website to read about my career highlights, testimon
ials, and speaking.

How many people will attend the workshop?

I am committed to giving you my full focus and energy which is why it’s the 3 of us – you, your significant other, and myself doing the work (and having fun, I promise!).

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