About Anthea Mumby


I’m Anthea Mumby, Consultant, Collaborator, Writer, Speaker, Strategist, Visionary, and Mentor

Owning and running a family business has a lot of ups, downs, successes, and many many learning opportunities. 

For more than 40 years, I’ve taken the crash course in becoming the succession plan for my parents, worked with my spouse for over 23 years, and managed through many disruptions in my family business.

While my background is in insurance, over the years I’ve learned to write, speak,  collaborate, mastermind, and mentor.    My investment to do so was well over $250,000 plus countless hours of studying and applying what I have learned.

My Why

I have a deep level of respect for family owned businesses.   Having created my own Freedom, I want to make it easier for other family owned businesses to succeed,  especially if they are being disrupted.  

I  get immense satisfaction from working alongside  collaborative, growth minded, values driven businesses.

When my clients achieve harmony, prosperity, and freedom, it lights me up.

My Career Highlights


Purchased and led my multi million dollar family owned insurance brokerage and successfully sold it October 2020

Achieved  one of the best client retention results in the insurance industry 

Grew the family insurance brokerage revenues over 10 times since joining

Managed key relationships with several professional associations

I’ve helped family business owners get clear about their Vision, and then share it with others

I’ve mentored family businesses who are considering selling their business.

My Strengths


I am a huge believer in leveraging strengths in business.    Here’s a list of mine, and how they might be of service to you.

My strength in focusing means I can help you set goals and stay on point. I easily sort through clutter and help you get clear when you are “stuck in neutral”

As a natural “pearl polisher” who improves people and situations,  I can help you maximize, succeed, and achieve excellence.

As an achiever,  I have a very strong inner drive, energy, and power to push hard to help you accomplish your goals

Because  I naturally sees how to turn ideas into action, and have a contagious and engaging energy,  I can help move you from thinking and discussing to implementing. I’m great at turning around situations towards a better outcome.

My natural sense of innovation defies conventional thinking and leads to exciting and productive brainstorming

Dream Team’s Vision

Dream Team Consulting exists to help family owned businesses to increase prosperity,  freedom, and harmony.   


Our clients become happier and more confident as their purpose driven businesses positively impact the world.    


Our Dream Team partners are collaborative, successful and growth minded business owners. 


We love to bring our clients together for inspiring and creative experiences that they  cherish as one of their biggest business successes.     


Together, we Ride the Waves of business ownership successfully. 

Dream Team’s Values

We are committed to our values;

Collaboration;  by listening, sharing experiences, and always assuming a positive intent in our communication,  we create something better than any one of us would on our own

Connection;  we know how lonely it can feel as a business owner at times.    Meaningful connections buoy us all up!

Creativity;  business is about constantly improving and maximizing opportunities.   It’s a wonderful outlet for creative endeavours.

Confidence;   when we help a client or a Dream Team partner to gain more confidence to succeed in business, we know we are aligned with our purpose

Courage;   sticking to the Vision we have for our business takes courage.    No matter what others may say;  we keep moving towards our Lighthouse.

What Others Say About Working With Anthea

Gloria Scheerer


Clearly Spoken Inc.

At our session where you pulled all that information out of me was definitely exhilarating for me, focussed me. That first step was important and I needed the push in the right direction – verbalizing my vision. I thank you for that. I presented the Vision to my team and they got excited – and that’s exactly what I wanted from them – engagement! Since then, my team has had some very exciting and innovative ways to implement my Vision! It’s a work in progress and I’m very proud of the work they’ve/we’ve done to date. Anthea, you're a rock star! Thanks!

Juliana Leaman


Naturally Joyous

Anthea is such an inspiration, I have recently gone through her process with other entrepreneurs for defining our vision and she was able to lead the group in such an interesting way. Everyone was amazed by where we landed and how she was able to ask the right questions to lead us to our goal. She brings so much experience into what she does and I recommend her to anyone looking to grow their dream business.

Roberta Snider
Personal Edge Training Inc.

THIS LADY HAS A TIDAL WAVE of experience, knowledge, creativity and expertise that flows out of her when she works either one-on-one with business owners or when leading a group of entrepreneurs. Not only is she a powerful leader and visionary, but I love that Anthea is a true facilitator. In my experience, Anthea has collaborated with me, challenging me to really think differently about my business. She has guided me to think differently - creatively - in order to problem solve and ride the waves, so to speak, ultimately empowering me to lean into change. Hop on board with this dynamic leader. She will have you surfing through your waves!

Brenda Schrader-Sanders

Peacock Transformation

Anthea and I met at a workshop I was teaching to help people expand their intuitive skills. It was one of those moments in life when I thought to myself “We are meant to do some amazing things together! Over the following months, I’ve been impressed by Anthea's knowledge and experience, not only as an entrepreneur, but as someone who is open to expanding her intuitive and spiritual skills. I love to work with growth minded people! Over time, I began to realize that Anthea was influencing my own capability for thinking bigger. She is one of those people who always has a Vision, and loves to see others expand theirs. I'm forever grateful to Anthea for sharing her wisdom and helping me to expand.

Jane Mullin
doTERRA International LLC

Anthea is a wealth of knowledge, and an all-around wonderful person. Her life and business experience has given her many pearls of wisdom over the years and Anthea has a way of explaining and relating these experiences to helping one in their own lives. I love Anthea's one-liners and humorous key phrases. Anthea is an excellent consultant who is well connected and I am very grateful to be connected to her.

Rick Gallinger and Maggie Hetherington on why they wanted to work with Anthea

Irina Mihaela's feedback about her Vision session with Anthea