About Anthea Mumby


Anthea is a consultant who navigates businesses to increased success, especially if they are being disrupted. She’s a writer, speaker, strategist, collaborator, and mentor.

Anthea is a lifelong entrepreneur,  having  grown up in a family business where she worked for her parents before buying the business from them.   She then worked with her spouse in that business for several decades.   On October 1 2020, she sold that business,  after having achieved the Vision created 3 years ago.   

As a result of her experience,  Anthea has a deep level of awareness of both the upsides and downsides of owning a family business.   While it is incredibly rewarding to grow a family business successfully,  it is also a fact that that owning a family business can get really complex and overwhelming with business conversations and responsibilities that have business owners working 24/7,   lacking clarity in roles,  damaged relationships,  sleepless nights, and diminished profits.  The good news is that there are solutions that Anthea offers to help family businesses succeed.

In addition to family owned businesses, Anthea loves to help other entrepreneurial companies  to successfully  “Ride the Waves” of business ownership,  so that instead of feeling burned out, exhausted and frustrated, they can have freedom,  fun, and financial reward.

What Others Say About Working With Anthea

Gloria Scheerer


Clearly Spoken Inc.

At our session where you pulled all that information out of me was definitely exhilarating for me, focussed me. That first step was important and I needed the push in the right direction – verbalizing my vision. I thank you for that. I presented the Vision to my team and they got excited – and that’s exactly what I wanted from them – engagement! Since then, my team has had some very exciting and innovative ways to implement my Vision! It’s a work in progress and I’m very proud of the work they’ve/we’ve done to date. Anthea, you're a rock star! Thanks!

Juliana Leaman


Naturally Joyous

Anthea is such an inspiration, I have recently gone through her process with other entrepreneurs for defining our vision and she was able to lead the group in such an interesting way. Everyone was amazed by where we landed and how she was able to ask the right questions to lead us to our goal. She brings so much experience into what she does and I recommend her to anyone looking to grow their dream business.

Robert Snider


Personal Edge Training Inc.

THIS LADY HAS A TIDAL WAVE of experience, knowledge, creativity and expertise that flows out of her when she works either one-on-one with business owners or when leading a group of entrepreneurs. Not only is she a powerful leader and visionary, but I love that Anthea is a true facilitator. In my experience, Anthea has collaborated with me, challenging me to really think differently about my business. She has guided me to think differently - creatively - in order to problem solve and ride the waves, so to speak, ultimately empowering me to lean into change. Hop on board with this dynamic leader. She will have you surfing through your waves!

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