You and Your Family Business

Deserve Harmony, Prosperity, and Freedom

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It starts with this simple three-step process:

Step One.  Your Vision.

 I guide you to get clarity about the Vision for your business, and then help you to communicate it in meaningful ways that influence and inspire others to help you make it happen.  

Step Two.  Your Strategy.

It’s no secret that stepping away from working in your business to working on your business often gets backburned by many family business owners.   Lean into my skills and capabilities to work with you and nail down a solid plan.

Step Three.  Your Dream Team.

I know what it’s like to feel lonely as a family business owner.  The truth is, having the right team of professional advisors and consultants who are rooting along with you will boost your confidence and make navigating to your Vision so much easier.

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Being a family business owner is NOT easy...

It's hard to keep your focus when the world seems to be constantly disrupting your business. What might disruption look like for you?  Here are a few examples;

A major client decides to work with one of your competitors, costing you a significant portion of your business income

A key team member resigns and proceeds to complain about you on social media

You have a fight with a family member who owns the business with you and cannot resolve the issue, making it uncomfortable to work together

You have a personal emergency which takes your focus off business; somebody hears about this, decides you are being neglectful, and causes trouble. 

You invest in high price tag technology and it does not deliver the results you expected,  leaving you struggling to meet your financial obligations

Aerial View of Surfers

I’ve experienced all of the above, and many other forms of disruption in my family business. 


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