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Elevate your business to new heights with a clear vision, well-defined strategy, and strong connections.

Work  with a Consultant,  Speaker,  Writer and  7 Figure Business Owner  who has Ridden the Waves of Entrepreneurship for over 40 years.   


Unleash your clarity, confidence, and connection


Introducing our Founder Anthea Mumby

Anthea Mumby is Founder of Dream Team Consulting,  and the Visionary behind “Co-create your Powerful Picture with Anthea Mumby,  a Workshop for Confidence as an Entrepreneurial Couple”  

The former owner of a 7-figure insurance brokerage,  she has worked with her spouse for over 25 years, achieving kudos for customer service,  organic business growth,  and niche expertise.  

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Co Create Your Powerful Picture, A Workshop for Entrepreneurial Couples 

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On Demand Executive for Insurance Broker Principals

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Dream Team Membership for Collaborative Successful and Growth Minded Business Owners

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